• Constructed on the modular principle
  • Big distances to cover (rated for operating voltage of 1250V)
  • New kind of rotating electrical connection mechanism
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Normally open contacts
  • Great short-circuit strength
  • High precision and reliability in contact formation
  • Compact design, dust-proof
  • Great flexibility in use of terminals

Scope for adding a cam-controlled switching module for auxiliary contacts
The switch comprises static modules and switching modules These modules are sealed, dust-proof assemblies each of which possesses full autonomous functionality. Customer wishes relating to the function and number of contacts and to the number of switch positions, switching angles and limitation of limit positions are reflected by the number of modules available, and by the different configurations of these modules. All modules are compatible with one another. They are interconnected in sequence using couplings and are all driven by a single square-section shaft extending across their entire length. The rotational drive of the complete switch can be delivered manually or by motor from either end.

Technical data:


  • Rated operational voltage 1250V
  • Rated insulation voltage 1250 V
  • Rated operational current AC-20 A 500A
  • Short-circuit strength
  • (1 sec. current) 3500A
  • (0.16 secs. current) 9670A
  • Temperature resistance -20°C - +120°C
  • Materials:
  • Power-conducting components, electrolytic copper
  • Galvanically coated (i.e. plated) hard silver on a nickel substrate
  • Plastic components on electrically conductive components PA66 GF40
  • Other plastic components POM
  • All metal parts corrosion-protected with a nickel plating
  • Also certified in acc. with GOST 2933-93

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