pH plug connectors


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pH electrode connectors

Direct sales of ready-assembled cables from the manufacturer to dealers and users.

We supply pH electrode connectors in the following versions:

     S7 / S8
     S8 rotatable
     S7 long

A novelty on the market is the rotatable S8 electrode plug, which is produced by the variant S7-long and an additional sleeve.

By further developing the outer conductor on the electrode side, a simpler assembly of the pH electrode is ensured.


     Other materials for food technology
     Different colors on request

In conjunction with the pH cable connector, a reliable plug-in connection which corresponds to the protection class IP68 results.

Download: PDF-Icon Data sheet S7/S8 (German, 912 KB)

pH cable socket

Direct sales of ready-assembled cables from the manufacturer to dealers and users.

We supply pH cable sockets in these versions:

  • Cable sockets without rotary nut
  • Socket is sprayed around cable
  • Cable socket with rotary nut

During manufacture, we make use of the mechanical properties of two different plastics. This makes it possible to design the socket head very robustly for mechanical strength. In contrast to this, the cable connection is flexible and resilient to enable external bending loads to be absorbed.

Our cable socket is characterized by the following features:

  • Flying leads with crimp/crimp (full-crimp)
  • Protection class IP68
  • Available in two variants:
    Variant 1: Cable diameter 2.5 - 3.5
    Variant 2: Cable diameter 4.5 - 5.5
  • flexible flying leads
  • sturdy construction design
  • reliable electrical connection

In conjunction with the pH electrode connector (S7/S8) a reliable plug connection is achieved that complies with protection class IP68.

Download: PDF-Icon Data sheet pH cable socket (German, 412 KB)


Direct sales of ready-assembled cables from the manufacturer to dealers and users.

The Variopin is characterized by the following key features:

  • A variable range of 2 to 11 contacts can be supplied
  • Proven protection class IP68
  • Absolutely watertight connector head, even when not plugged in
  • Through use of PEEK material very high level of temperature resistance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Autoclavable
  • Very high insulation values
  • Mechanically extremely robust and electrically safe
  • Easy to connect

Download: PDF-Icon Variopin data sheet (German 428 KB)
Download: PDF-Icon VP6 standard cable (German, 125 KB)
Download: PDF-Icon VP8 standard cable (German, 123 KB)

Variopin electrode connector

VP electrode connectors meet the requirements for dust and waterproof plug connections and are established as a worldwide standard. The system is suitable for multisensors and guarantees high mechanical and chemical stability while having electromagnetic immunity.

Variopin socket

The VP socket is the counterpiece to the VP electrode connector and is characterized by its robust construction. The enhanced contact springs and the optimized screw connection to the sensor ensure considerable benefits for the user.

Assembled cable

Cable assemblies are developed and manufactured in accordance with customer wishes and special requirements. We assemble all commonly used cables and plug connectors in accordance with customer wishes. We stand out for innovation, flexibility and short delivery lead times.

Plug connectors for analytics and/or process metrology are now in use in the industrial and laboratory area for a vast array of different measurements. In particular in the pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industry, high-precision measurement of the pH value is essential for process control purposes. To achieve this, the plug connectors must be able to contend with exceptionally arduous conditions such as high temperatures and high levels of humidity.

These products, developed and tested on a joint basis with the industry guarantee ultimate safety and reliability. Most of the plug connectors and cable sockets illustrated on the website comply with protection class IP68.

Close cooperation between Development and Production enables us to respond very rapidly and flexibly to the wishes and requirements of our customers. This also makes it possible to develop and manufacture plug connectors for special applications in the process metrology sector.

As well as the actual manufacture of the plug connectors, we also offer customer-specific cable assembly.

Our products within the group of pH plug connectors have been developed for industrial and laboratory applications. The use of high-quality materials and coatings guarantees great product life cycles, even when our products are used in exceptionally harsh environmental conditions.

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